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Directions for RIAD SAPPHIRE and SPA in Marrakech medina. Photo instructions below text:


The riad is situated in the medina (old city), it is easier to find your way by simply asking for the general area in which the riad is situated—Sidi bin Slimane, which is near Riad Larouss. Ask for the parking at the masjid Nasser (the mosque) at Sidi bin Slimane.


- Follow the signs for the restaurant, Dar Zellij, as we are very close to there.


- A taxi would then drop you off at an open space with stores and a mosque on the right-hand side, and a school on the left-hand side. This open space narrows into a road. With the mosque on your right take this road and walk straight ahead.


- It opens out into another square—there are orange walls in front of you and a mosque with wall fountain to your left. Take the right-hand lane where the stores are. If you look up, you will see an arch with an open window and green mosaic tiles. Just past there is the local hammam.


- At the end of this street, turn left.Straight ahead of you is a mosque with a mosaic-tiled wall, the road zig-zags towards the right, go under an arch, keep to the right and walk straight ahead. There is a red sign for Dar Zellij.


You will go past some small stores, a téléboutique on your right. Continue till you get to a street on the left. Turn left into this street. We’re the third door along on the right–not counting the metal doors of a small store on the corner.


Note:If you come to a wall fountain on the left from which people fetch water and the big black door on your right of the restaurant Dar Zellij, then you’ve gone a little too far. Go back and take the street–this time to the right.


If ever you are not sure of the way, just ask people for Sidi bin Slimane or Nasser Mosque. We are between Bab Taghout (pronounced: Ta’zut—the ’ being a kind of gurgling with your tonsils) and Riad Larouss.


Tel.:05 24 38 71 99
Cellphone 06 97 85 33 70




Views on Your Way to the Riad From the Parking Taxi Stop

Taxi stop—Nasser mosque
Parking-go straight ahead
Go straight, under the arch
Turn left into this street, see mosaic wall ahead
Road zigzags, keep right
Keep going straight and before the arch, turn left into our street. There’s a small store on the corner. We are the third door on the right after that.