Hammam Privé


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness


For most visitors to Morocco, indulging a steamy and revitalising hammam ranks very highly on the ‘to do’ list: right up there with shopping in the souks and trying a tasty tagine.


Riad Sapphire and Spa has its own luxurious spa area including a private hammam and massage/beauty treatment room.


Guests often combine a visit to the hammam with a relaxing and energizing massage or other luxurious beauty treatments.


There is no better way to de-stress and de-tox than visiting the hammam. See our spa tab for details and see below for some idea of what to expect in a hammam


You have a choice of the hammam experience - you can either do your own scrub/exfoliation or you can opt for a professional exfoliation - and lose a lot more dead skin.

Since the hammam experience is foreign to most of us, below are some guidelines on what to do.

The floors and walls of the hammam are heated with steaming water running through pipes under the surface and the hammam is warmed up for several hours beforehand. Therefore, we ask that you give us plenty of notice before making an appointment for your hammam.

We provide you with a bathrobe and slippers. Enter the hammam naked (ok since it's a private hammam) or keep your panties on if that feels more comfortable for you, fill up the basin with hot water and sit and absorb the heat, which will help relax your muscles. After about ten minutes, test the water and adjust to what is comfortable for your skin. Then use the containers to pour water over your head. Scoop up a palm-sized blob of black soap* (more a beautiful dark amber), and cover all your skin with the soap. Allow it to sink in for about ten minutes.

Then use the exfoliating mitt to scrub the skin, stripping away all the dead skin cells. You can see the skin peel off you like tiny rolls of dirt. This exfoliation is both painful and pleasurable; it's like a chemical peel without the chemicals.

Use plenty of hot water to rinse, leaving your body cleaner than you've ever been in your life, and your skin as smooth as silk. The water in the basin should be left clear (you'll notice there is no plug to drain the water). You use the cups or bucket to scoop up clean water and to throw over you. All used water thus falls directly on the floor to be evacuated through the floor drain.

There are bath robes to slip into when you leave the hammam and enter the relaxation area. It is recommended not to undertake strenuous activity after a hammam. Instead choose a relaxing activity, maybe even have a massage or other beauty treatment.

So prepare for a bit of pampering - fluffy bathrobes, slippers, aromatic oils and gels, and the moisturizing black soap*.

A hammam with exfoliation followed by a massage leaves you feeling clean, glowing and totally relaxed - isn't that how we always want to feel?

* Black soap has 100% natural ingredients from the olive tree. It removes impurities from the skin, while hydrating and nourishing. It does not foam but becomes a cream as soon as you add (warm) water to it. Your skin will feel super clean and soft. It is particularly recommended for dry skin and for the treatment of acne.

Hair care It gently cleanses, detangles and strengthens the hair by giving volume and brightness. It can be used like and instead of shampoo. Your hair will have more volume, a healthy shine and will be soft. Can be used on all types of hair.